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Meet the 2016-17 SA+AH Ambassadors

Meet the 2016-17 SA+AH Ambassadors

The SA+AH Ambassadors are a group of select undergraduate students who give tours to prospective students and who work to create a sense of community among undergraduate students. Becoming an Ambassador is a high honor. The position is based both on academic achievement and demonstrated leadership skills.

The Ambassadors represent the School of Art + Art History and the College of the Arts at open houses, convocation and other events. They reach out to accepted students and offer to answer questions for them. They also meet with interested first years to introduce them to the UF SA+AH Community. The Ambassadors organize several events throughout the academic year. Some social events include a smaller “cookies and cocoa” get-together to help students unwind the week before final exams in December. In the spring semester, the Ambassadors organize the Senior Send-Off Bash, which celebrates the work of graduating SA+AH students.

Alyssa Dulay, a senior Art & Tech major who is serving her second year as an SA+AH Ambassador, says that she enjoys being an Ambassador because it, “helps me reach out to everybody and bring them back together. The school really does have a sense of family to it. Once you pass your sophomore portfolio, which establishes your major, you are no longer taking classes with everyone in the School of Art + Art History. This can close you off a bit, but the Ambassadors bring everyone in SA+AH back together to create a sense of community across majors. This can create an even better education experience for students.”

Applications to become a student Ambassador are opened every spring term around late March/early April. To learn more about the Ambassador program, visit:


Students play pool at the Palomino Pool Hall during the May 2016 Senior Send Off Bash, organized by the SA+AH Ambassadors.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 SA+AH Ambassadors! They are:

  • Cecilia Alvarez, Art History
  • Gaby Hildago, Visual Arts Studies
  • Kelsi Quicksall, Art Education
  • Laura North, Painting
  • Quinton Merada, Sculpture
  • Megan Kean, Printmaking
  • Alyssa Dulay, Art & Technology
  • Leda Balch, Creative Photography
  • Danielle Garcia, Art History
  • Travis Richards, Graphic Design
  • Jenna Canals, Art History
  • Francesa Levy, Art Education
  • Jade Di Marco, Drawing
  • Gillian Fazio, Painting
  • Ismael Syed, Visual Art Studies




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