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“Subliminal Figures” Exhibiting on March 30th

“Subliminal Figures” Exhibiting on March 30th

SA+AH Senior Drawing students are exhibiting their work in the show, “Subliminal Figures”, on Thursday March 30th, 7-11pm. Join them at Waldo Road Studies located at 2708 NE Waldo Road, Gainesvile, FL 32609. Parking and refreshments provided.



“Subliminal Figures is a group exhibition featuring work rooted in drawing and separated by a range of thematic focus. Annika Dermody-McKeen’s work explores inhabitants of the subconscious landscapes of her mind. The creatures she portrays represent the physical manifestations of psychological activity. Cade Lawton expresses reflections of his life through the distortions of blind contour drawing. The result of this technique embodies the struggle to retain or alter the past while providing a distraction to his present and future self. Karli Mogen uses cosmic figural silhouettes to address underlying anxieties of existence that have concerned humanity since the beginning of inquisitive thought, including questions about death and thereafter, and about how we as individuals affect the development of society, culture, and human interaction. Alison Mosely’s drawings focus on narratives of the human form conveying her interest in perception and transformations of the body. Generally working in grey scale, she uses this restrained palette to describe and convey emotions, creating an atmosphere of sensation through mark making, texture, and scale. Serena Nazario explores notions of self, especially in relation to ideas of femininity. In her large-scale works, Nazario uses ink and line in a graphic style to exaggerate and counter symbols of femininity, from facial expressions and an overabundance of hair to the use of pattern derived from textiles. Khai Nguyen’s work embodies contemporary issues of identity as an Asian American. He strives to reflect personal experiences of a bicultural upbringing and explore the perception of Asian Americans as a minority. Terence Stevens works in both analog and digital processes to create media-fluid figurative work. His practice is experimental in nature with graphic art qualities and explores personal, racial, and national identity through self portraits, in relation to his experience of being both African American and German in the United States.

All the artists currently live in Gainesville, Florida and attend UF. Annika Dermody-McKeen is from Delray Beach, Florida and plans on teaching art in Australia after graduation. Cade Lawton is from Brandon, Florida and is a senior at the University of Florida studying Drawing and Business Administration. He has received both the honors of the Kenneth A. Kerslake Printmaking Award and serving as the president of the Painting and Drawing Association. He is interested in the printmaking field and graduate school in the future. Karli Mogen, from Davie Florida, has had work displayed in several shows in Gainesville, Florida. After receiving her BFA in Drawing with a minor in Art History, she plans to attend graduate school for Medical Illustration in the coming years. Gainesville native Alison Mosely was recently chosen as one of three art students nominated to represent the University of Florida to be judged for the Atlantic Center for the Arts 28th Annual University Student Exhibition. After graduation, she hopes to work as a concept artist for video games, illustrate books and write her own stories. Serena Nazario was born and raised in Davenport, Florida. She has had numerous shows in Gainesville and Winter Haven, Florida. After Serena graduates she plans to continue as a freelance artist and illustrator. Khai Nguyen was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. After obtaining his BFA in Drawing at the University of Florida he plans to be employed in the field of art education while pursuing work in illustration. Terence was born in Germany and grew up in America. He studied at Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. After earning a BFA degree, Terence plans on pursuing an MFA degree in the future and a career in teaching art.

For more information on the artists or their work, visit their individual websites or email them directly:

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